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I recently got a new car. Also recently, I had an… incident. Not to get into details but there was paint transfer involved. My black car had a lot of very noticeable white paint on the front passenger side fender. I thought my new car was forever damaged.

I brought it to Elton to see what he could do and holy crap, it came out perfect. He was able to remove all of the white paint and leave the black undamaged.

I am so happy with the results and would not hesitate referring others. Thanks again Elton! – J.

First ever experience with car detailing and i would say the work Elton did is worth every penny. The car came out to be as silk now. Hats off budd. Thanks again for your service. Loved it. – R.

Edit: As mentioned in my original review, I ended up bringing my Mustang to Elton for a detailing job. I am beyond impressed with his work. The car looks incredible and race red really stands out now. Thank you Elton once again for a job very well done.

I took my car to Toxix Detailing just to polish and seal my windows, specifically my front as the wipers would chatter, as well as to test the waters. As a result I am extremely impressed with the service that I got and the final result.Elton is a very knowledgeable and humble individual who walked me through every step of what seemed to be a simple process and more. His place of work is very clean and super organized. Needless to say I will be bringing my Mustang to get full detailing done here. Highly recommend. – P.

I parked my 1 month old black 2016 Camry Hybrid overnight in a public underground parking garage downtown. I had reverse parked my car into the parking spot not realizing until I got home that I had parked under a leaky pipe that had been dripping rust water all over my car.

When I got home and out of my car, I saw that the entire back of my car was completely destroyed. I was furious and in a panic, immediately knew it was bad. I prayed it was nothing permanent or expensive where a paint job was needed.

First thing I did was take my car to the Denny’s Car was by my house. After getting the entire car thoroughly washed things were looking worse. They tried everything they could but couldn’t get the stains out. It left a permanent mark and it looked like it had ate away at the paint of my car. The rust water even left a foggy stain on my back right tail light.

After accepting the worst and down to my last options. I asked some car savvy friends if there’s anyway to get this not only fixed, but for it to look as good as new without having to get a paint job. That’s when friend had recommended Toxix Detailing.

He said that Toxix Detailing had saved the hood of his sister’s car. He should be able to fix it and won’t rip me off either (at this stage, I would’ve been willing to pay anything to get it fixed!).

To be saying that my car looks as good as new would be an understatement! I am not even kidding. The back of my car legitimately looks better than when I got it off the lot. I am going back to get the rest of my car detailed because the back of my car looks better than the front. A great problem to have. – G.

If you’re looking to set your car apart from the others with a superior shine, Elton is the guy to do it. Toxix Detailing does not cut any corners when it comes to detailing your car inside or out. Excellent service and one of the best reasons to go with Toxix Detailing is Elton treats your vehicle as if it’s his own and that’s a good thing. Will definitely bring my other vehicles to Elton. – N.

AMAZING WORK I’ve been getting compliments all day after I got my car detailed by Elton. If you are looking for a detailing place Toxix Detailing is the way to go, he’s fast, reliable and honest and knows what he is doing, you’re car will be in great hands. He treats your vehicle as if it’s his own, definitely will be bringing my other vehicles to Elton – H.

I am a current owner of a 2013 Ford Mustang GT in a rare and unique optional colour from the factory which Ford calls Gotta Have it Green. I would say that I am a savvy person on detailing cars until I read Elton’s postings on a local forum about detailing. His knowledge on products and process impressed me so much that when I was at a local car show I saw his car in person and knew it was his. I was absolutely floored about the finish! It literally looked like a mirror!!! I knew I had to pick his brain as I was thinking about buying my new Stang in GHIG. As soon as my new car was in my possession I had to enlist a professional to handle the detailing of my new baby. The reason for choosing Toxix Detailing is because of his professionalism and his great knowledge about the different types of paint on today’s vehicles plus the fact that he has many years of car detailing experience. After seeing the work on his cars and various customer cars was enough proof that this is a person who cares about his work. I would highly recommend this firm and look forward to using Toxix Detailing on all of my family’s vehicles. – L.

When I first took delivery of my Kia Optima, it was a new experience for me; and with buying a car you start to think about what needs to get done, where will it get done and who will it get done by.

Seeing as this is a new car, I knew that if I wanted to keep her looking new I needed to find a detailer who is experienced, has great attention to detail, and most importantly is passionate about what they do. I found that person when I heard about Toxix Detailing.

When I made an appointment with Elton, owner of Toxix Detailing; he took the time to explain the process he would take, the top of the line products he would be using and answered any questions and concerns I had.He was professional, knowledgeable and assured me that he treats all his clients car with the same care and attention as if it were his own. After looking at some of his work, discussing my detailing needs and going through the different packages he had to offer, I knew I wanted to get my car detailed by him.

The day I came to pick up my car, my jaw dropped, eyes lit up and I was smiling from ear to ear. The end result was absolutely stunning!Elton really went above and beyond what I expected and you could really tell he took pride and passion in his work.

My car was so shiny, so mirror like, I was able to see my own reflection! It literally looked BETTER than it looked the day I drove it off the lot! I couldn’t be happier.

Having received such phenomenal and flawless results, I definitely will be coming back and highly recommend Elton for all your detailing needs.

Thank you again Toxix Detailing! – N.