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About Us


About Toxix Detailing

Founded in 2014, Toxix Detailing started out as a hobby and a love of cars. What began as an interest in detailing our personal Ford Mustang to the best shape it could be turned out to be a passion for detailing all makes and models of cars. Toxix Detailing has become a well known personality in online detailing forums and in the local car club scene for his extensive and thorough knowledge in all things detailing related.

Toxix Detailing specializes in giving your car that showcar shine and sparkle. Whether the paint on your car has been marred from years of washing and drying using wash brushes or harsh cloths and you want to bring the paint back to its original shine and glory days or you've just purchased your brand new car and it's coming off the lot and you want to protect its brand new condition, our services will make sure that leave with a smile on your face and your radiant and glistening car to smile about!

⭐ Swirl free and paint smooth as glass, your car will be the star of the show. ⭐


  • Paint correction for heavily damaged paint caused by: abrasive towels, tree sap, holograms, sun damage
  • Wash and paint sealing for newly purchased cars
  • Wash and clean for lease returns
  • Interior Detailing

Contact Info

Please contact us at info @ toxixdetailing.com or use the contact form to book an appointment or for any inquiries regarding our products or detailing services.

We are available by phone at 647-400-5223

We service the GTA (Milton, Oakville, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Toronto) and surrounding areas in Ontario, Canada. We are located west of HWY 401 and Mavis Rd. in Mississauga.